Parkhill Textiles

Parkhill Textiles have a well-established facility, which has been specialising in producing woven multi-layer fibreglass fabrics and TRUE-3D woven glass fibre shapes for over 20 years.

Woven fibreglass multi-layer fabrics exhibit superior inter-laminar sheer properties than conventional fabrics.

We also produce three dimensional multi-layer, multi-level shape fabrics on advanced computer controlled machinery designed and produced in our TRUE-3D facility.




Our TRUE-3D preform shapes allow mouldings to be reinforced with fibre on the X, Y and Z-axis without the need for cutting, bonding and tailoring.

Additionally fibre can be incorporated into the TRUE-3D shapes at +/-45’ on the Z-axis in order to resist crushing and buckling loads in the moulded composite component.

Our woven shapes incorporating fibre on seven axis allow our customers to obtain high strengths from low weight composites.

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